Top 10 Best Improvised Weapons

Basically, if you are attacked – on the street, in the home, in some public place or elsewhere – and your life is in danger or you might be seriously injured, you don’t want any room for error. Whether you are a skilled martial artist or not, you want to win this particular battle. Therefore, you want at least an equalizer or something that actually gives you a serious advantage. Of course, it’s not always legal or convenient to carry a weapon. However, you might be surprised at how many weapons are actually in your environment, on the street, at home and elsewhere, wherever you happen to be. Some good observation and intelligence, awareness of what you have and what’s around you, will reveal that you most likely have many self-defense tools at hand.

Here is a list of some of the best of these improvised weapons.

5 Best Improvised Impact Weapons

Soda Bottle

You’ve just come from the store, walking home, and you happen to have a bottle of Coke in your grocery bag; or you’ve already started drinking it for the trip home. You notice someone trailing behind you, looking at you like you are prey. You pull that bottle out and hold it like a club. Holding it this way can be it’s own deterrent.

Of course, it’s possible you could spot a bottle on the ground too, in an instance when you don’t already happen to be carrying one. A glass bottle is a very good hard club. Definitely a good improvised weapon.

improvised impace weapon

A coke bottle is a very good improvised weapon.

Coffee Mug

You might be at home and someone invades your domicile but you happen to be drinking your morning coffee in your favorite big mug. Or you might be at the cafe when someone goes berserk and attacks you. One thing good about a coffee mug is that it has a handle and you can use it for punching or clubbing.

improvised mug


You’d be surprised at how solid a rolled up magazine is; it definitely can double as an impact weapon, especially if you use the butt end to hammer an attack into a thug’s nose.

improvised magazine

Cell Phone

Seems like everyone has a cell phone these days. We carry them wherever we go. It’s potentially a weapon and a hard one at that. You could hammer it into an attacker’s jaw, the temple, the throat, the nose.


A big Maglite flashlight, full of D batteries, is like a heavy metal pipe. It is definitely a good substitute for a club.


Improvised Cutting, Slashing and Stabbing Weapons

Hair Brush

You might be brushing your hair in the bathroom when there’s a home invasion, or you carry your brush in your purse and someone attacks you on the street. Bristles scraping through the eyes is a pretty good deterrent. The butt end is a decent blunt instrument you could use on vital targets like the temple, jaw, bridge of the nose, philtrum nerve, etc.

improvised brush


Pens are another common instrument you find everywhere; at home, at the office, at school. You can hit pressure points with a pen, hit vital targets, stab with it and leave a very serious injury.

improvise pen


Other Improvised Weapons

Food or Beverage

A hot pot of coffee or oatmeal thrown into the face will halt an attacker a good long while.


A handful of dirt thrown into the eyes will blind someone and keep them busy so that you can get away or finish them off.

Throwing Attacker into Things

Slamming an aggressor into a wall or onto the ground is equivalent to hitting them with something really hard. You could knock them out or break their bones. Throwing them into furniture could create damage to them too, when sharper edges or corners jab into their ribs or into other places on their body.

Done correctly and quickly, these throwing techniques could land the attacker right on his head and knock him out.


So, it is important to keep in mind, especially when dealing with someone who is dangerous and intent on harming you, that objects in your environment could give you a much needed equalizer or, better yet, give you the upper hand; because when it comes to your life, you don’t want to take chances and want any advantage you can get.

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