Padded Assailant Suit

For serious self-defense training, you will want to get a real feel for hitting, full-force, targets on an attacker that will incapacitate him enough for you to escape or totally end the confrontation. You will want to be able to hit targets on the assailant’s body hard and fast: Without actually incapacitating your instructor or training partner. As a teacher, you want your students to get a feel for high-adrenaline scenarios in which they are being attacked and can fight back.

One of the best ways to train in this fashion is to have the “attacker” padded so well that the student can really “go at it” and defend herself or himself.

Redman Self-Defense Training Suit

Macho puts out an affordable suit for self-defense training that covers the training “assailant” well and allows the student to attack vital points and defend against simulated attacks.

The value of using this suit in training is that it allows the trainee to make use of their power without having to hold back and so they get used to actually hitting an adversary as necessary; this also gives them confidence to use their tools and to feel that they are equipped to handle a real situation.


The Redman Suit lets both teacher and student do what is necessary to train both brain and body to handle real confrontations in which life and limb could be at stake. You don’t want to cut corners in such training or get a false sense of security. The Redman Suit allows you to go beyond most simulated step by step training in which you must control technique to avoid injury. This is the closest you will get to actually fighting for your life without, of course, actually having to fight for your life out in the street.

It is best to be prepared well than to learn bad habits that just won’t work in a real situation. And if you are going to train, train realistically.

Here are some good examples of the suit in use.


As you can see, students are allowed to do what is necessary to take down an adversary and stop him from doing any harm. This is as close to realistic as you can get, short of a real attack. Both trainer and pupil can do what is feasibly realistic in the classroom setting to help burn in what will actually need to be done for self-preservation. As has been said, the fight aint over until you’re home at the dinner table. This suit will help you to insure that that will be the case if you are ever attacked.

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